Desert Gem Of the Universe


6787 kilometers (9,490 mi)

Length of Day

22 hours

Length of Year

400 days


0.99 atm

Population (Residence)




Federal Republic



Vegas is a planet in the LOCATE SYSTEM FIRST. Though originally an agricultural world with dense clusters of minerals and resources, the planet was mined to barren sands. However, great investments by outside sources expanded the planet into a tourist hot-spot for gambling and partying.


During the ancient period before human intervention (circa 3000 BF), Vegas was primarily a planet rich in minerals and wonderful for farming. Its potential proved worthy, and soon the planet became a center for mining and agriculture. Off-worlding all the gems and ores shifted the homeostasis of the planet, making the process even more difficult.

Eventually the planet was cut and stripped into wastelands, resulting in massive crop famines. The planet was essentially abandoned.

At the dawn of human expansion, the explorers arrived too late to establish anything but weak colonies. Hoping to cash in on subterranean resources, the humans were disappointed to find nothing but large caverns of mineral-infused waters and rock. To keep the planet populated, the colonies established pro-gambling laws in favor of its outer territory position. A hot bed of criminal activity brought forth great casinos and resorts, which in turn pulled in rich tourists.

Now a thriving paradise planet, Vegas has used its large budget to maintain peace while still allowing 'good times' for all its population.