The Paladins
Historical Information
Origin Homeworld
Time Active Around 60AF - Current
Organizational Information
Faction Type Private Armed Organization/Self-Proclaimed Peacekeepers
Headquarters The Diety
Military Information
OOC Information
First Appearance Rise 1
Creator Hawk


The Paladins were a private organization originally lead by Karl Vladick. While the group always maintained its goals against the Empire and its policies, the true purpose was to deny the secrets of eternal life, being the Forefathers, from ever falling into the wrong hands.

A schism between the Paladins saw a large portion going to the Hydra League believing that Karl Vladick and the loyalists were too soft in their actions against the Empire. This betrayal saw one final mission on Oasis where Karl Vladick sacrificed himself to allow Axel and his team to escape so that they might continue their fight with the aid of his father Decel Erachin, a major member and founder of the group. The remaining Paladins who were still loyal to Vladick's ideals went into hiding and operated in secrecy. 

It would not be until after the Reclamation War where Clyde McConnelly would rally the remaining Paladins and get them more involved in galactic affairs as they began to rebuild soon afterwards. Clyde soon stepped down as leader of the organization and disappeared without a trace. From there the Paladins were a major player in non-NEDA and Southern space, attempting to bring order and stability through either force or relief.