The Hellknights
Return Stronger, Rise Above


Escaping The Hell


The Hellhound



  • Mercenary group
  • Pirates


  • Several military HMVs
  • Two spacefighters
  • Heavily armored transport ship


  • All-out war
  • Steatlth operations
  • Bodyguard
  • Assassination
  • Sabotage



Standing by

Ragtag mercenaries who escaped The Hell.

They helped Earl, and chose to stay loyal to him. They don't do much on the face of the galaxy, nor do they try to change the world. Most of them went on a different way, some now doing legal works. But whenever Earl James will need them, they will come back to him.

They have done several jobs in their life, some rather risky like saving prisoners, infiltrating highly secure locations or literally helping governments to win losing wars.

At some point after they escape they met the Wrecked Steel, a similar group of mercenary. Later they went in contact with the Radioactive Roach, which were used to do illegal and dirty jobs. For a certain time they were tracked by the Star Group, which they quickly fought back with the conjointed help of the Wrecked Steel and the Radioactive Roach.


The Hellknights kept the way of life they had as the Warriors, everyone working for the better of the group and no one was left behind. Familly grew in the middle of battles, kids learned to fight early. They kept their strong code of honor, but also accepted newcomers into their ranks.

Earl James was taking command of the group, but Storyteller fills his place everytime he's away.

Despite their dirty mercenary look, they've built a powerful commando unit called the Four Horsemen, composed of Earl James, Storyteller, Slice and Heimdall. Together they are a powerful unit, but sometimes they need backup, like Blue or Monk.


The Warriors were renamed Hellknights shortly after escaping the Hell. Whoever followed them and survived the escape took the title of Hellknight, and took Knight as their familly name, the familly who survived Hell.

They began doing odd jobs, and with time got some reputation as an unknown army of mercs from the darkness of the galaxy. Mercenaries with an expertise of battle few ever encountered. They recruited several other mercenaries after meeting them, or fighting them, mostly the Wrecked Steel and the Radioactive Roach. Their alliance allowed them to create a whole fleet of mercenaries with several ships and varied combat style.

A year later, they were hired by the Empier, Earl forced to deal with them...




  • Colossus
  • Colt
  • Blaze
  • Ronin
  • Spartan

Team Pet:

Former members:





  • The Hellhound
  • Crossbones (After the war)
  • Hound Fighter
  • HMV Launcher



Hellknights soldiers