The Hell
The Hell
Artist's Interpretation


  • Former Colony Ship
  • Remade into a prison


Unknown, estimated at many kilometers down and several kilometers wide


Unknown, but very thick


Unknown, large amount of defense



  • Unknown
  • Several hundred fighters
  • Hundreds of HMVs
  • Dozens of larger ships
  • Thousands of prisoners
  • Hundreds of soldiers



  • Disabled Extra-Galactic travel


  • Several Nuclear Cells
  • Many Nuclear Reactors
  • Some Nuclear Centers
  • FTL extended Extra-galactic engine

The Hell, largest prison of all the Empire, and the worst of them. Hell is just a nickname. Its true locations and name are unknown to most people, only the higher officers are aware of such informations. Though some are fairly certain it is located near the core of the galaxy, where there are lots of blackholes and stars.

No one ever escaped the facility. Is it on a planet ? Hidden into an asteroid ? A space station drifting into space ? Nothing is sure. It was also where the man known as Earl James got from a simple prisoner to a dangerous killer and warrior. Who coincidentally, was also the first man who ever escaped from there.

It is ruled by a man nicknamed Satan by the prisoners, and assisted by Lucifer. They live up to their name. It is often attacked by space whales. One recent attack is reported to have destroyed half of a block, which housed hundreds of prisoners.


At first, prisoners sent in the Hell had to fend for themselves, anarchy was rampant and murders were common. After a few months of survival, prisoners began to form clans, creating little armies. One of these firsts were the original Warriors, who took the role to protect others who simply wanted to live. They quickly garnered allies and friends, but others weren't so happy. Thus were born the Tattoos, marking themselves with hot iron or anything that remotely looked like ink.

Several Clans appeared after, all siding with the Warriors, who they knew would protect them. The noteworthy ones were the Bohemians and the Hephaetus Cultists, respectively the harvesters and the blacksmiths. They were mostly neutral clans, but none of them wished that the Tattoos would take over the Hell.

Space Whale attacksEdit

When a space whale attacks, an alarm is heard around the prison and rated on different grades.

Grade 1: Proximity. A space whale is seen in the system.

Grade 2: Combat. The prison's forces are engaging the space whale if they come too close.

Grade 3: Counter. The prison's forces are attacked. Space Whale still away.

Grade 4: The Space Whale is too close, it touches the exterior armor.

Grade 5: It attacks heavily the prison.

Grade 6: It rips the armor apart.

Grade 7: Physically inside the prison.