In it's Dragon Form, not very much outspeeds my Mech in the air.

–Krystal Desmond, Taking on Lang on Villa

The Dragon
The Dragon
Aerial Dominance


Krystal Desmond



Aerial Assault


  • Miniguns (2)
  • Missile Pods (4)
  • Photon Blades (2)
  • Flamethrower
  • Plasma Burners (Dragon Form Only, on the wings)
  • Tail Blades (Dragon Form Only, on the tail)



Special Abilities

  • Improved jump packs for better aerial control
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • 'Dragon Form' transformation
  • Incredible air speed in Dragon Form
  • Incredible aerial agility in Dragon Form






The Dragon is the personal H.M.V. of Krystal Desmond. It specializes in aerial assault and attacking from the air, and has improved jump packs from standard Mechs to compensate for this. It is armed with two Miniguns, which fold out of the arms and can exchange with regular hands and it's pair of Photon Blades. A flamethrower also folds out of it's left hand. It also as four missile pods, located as circular openings next to the Mech's cockpit. In it's Dragon Form, it also has plasma burners on it's wings that can cleave through enemy HMVs with ease when it flies by, and also has two Photon Blades on the tail while in Dragon Form.


The Dragon was originally a HA-3236 Heavy Assault mech, manufactured by Erachin Industries. However, The Dragon had a feature all other HA-3236 lacked; the ability to transform into a mech Dragon. This unique feature is not present in any other HA-3236. It is unknown why this particular HA-3236 has the ability to transform into a mech dragon, and equally unknown who added it.

Recently, however, The Dragon has undergone a massive transformation from the HA-3236 to a completely custom-made Mech, rebuilt to suit the role of aerial assault instead of the heavy assault role it had previously. The current version of The Dragon does not resemble any model currently on the market.

Dragon FormEdit

The most prominent and well-known feature of The Dragon is it's ability to transform into a Mech Dragon. In it's Dragon Form, it's speed and agility in the air become unmatched, allowing it to quickly get across the battlefield and engage dangerous targets with ease. This comes with a sacrifice to agility and speed on the ground, however. It's weapons undergo a major shift in this form as well. First, the flamethrower moves to the "mouth" of the Mech. Second, the two Miniguns move to the shoulders. Third, the missile pods are moved to the Mech's back. Fourth, it's Photon Blades are transformed into Photon Claws while in Dragon Form.

Dragon Form

The Dragon in it's Dragon Form.

Previous VersionEdit

The previous version of The Dragon was a heavy assault mech meant for frontline fighting. It was changed from this verison into it's current form after Krystal modified the Mech, with the help of The Paladins.
The Dragon V1

The original version of The Dragon. It was a HA-3236, developed by Erachin Industries.