"When Madness becomes more, the insanity intensifying itself, the human mind reverting back to its primal nature, the savagery within the heart of man awakens. Thoughts disappear, logic is erased, conscience is annihilated, emotions are obliterated. Behold the darkness ahead, something wicked is coming and all that is left is void. WITNESS THE RISE THE DEMENTED !"" ―Earl, taking command of the Demented
The Demented
Dune Boogie by ahbiasaaja1
The Jotun's nemesis


Earl James


The Empire's engineers


  • Unique Warmachine
  • Massive Destruction


  • Extreme Heavy Combat
  • Anti-Jotun


  • Claws
  • Armblades
  • Missiles launchers
  • Heavy machine guns
  • Blades
  • Brute strenght
  • Jaws


Extremely Heavy


  • Speed
  • Durability
  • Adaptability
  • Anti-EMP components
  • Boosters and thrusters
  • Powerful engines
  • Earl James


  • The Empire
  • Ray
  • Earl James
  • The Hellknights
  • Axel's gang


Several times a regular HMV


A new machine created by the Empire. It showed its potential in a battle against the Jotun, on the Oasis prison belonging to the Hydra. It was the first mech able to fight and win over the Jotun one-on-one.

Earl James is its pilot.

It can also store Madness in its waist, and can fold protective plates over it in order to protect the smaller mech.

The Demented was shown beside the Jotun in an Empire hangar, war trophies proving the might of the Empire. Though shortly after the attack of the Overlord, Earl went to retrieve the Demented to fight the even larger monster, alongside Clyde who took command of the Jotun.