Slice and an alien he found drinking his beer


Unknown (Possibly Ossyria)


  • Mercenary
  • Barman


  • Heavy assault rifle
  • Beer bottles
  • Breath


45 (Born 46AF)


Drunk man




One of Earl's closest friend and a deeply loyal soldier, despite his easy-going habits and drunken stories. Even with his brawler appearance and gun-wielding preferences, he can access with ease many secured computers and completly screw up a space station within minutes. Or just shoot at the computer if it doesn't listen.

A good friend of Blue, who's he usually seen with. He's the second in command to Storyteller, before Earl took the lead of the Warriors. Because of his rank and habits, he was often nicknamed the Storysayer.


A man with an obscure past. Few knows what was his real job before the Hell, but the common knowledge is that he was living on Ossyria, drinking their beers and training soldiers. He met Heimdall at some point on Ossyria, who he worked back again with in the Hell. He may have worked as a mechanic and engineer for the Ossyrian military, as well as HMV training for the recruits, getting in touch with the legendary 32nd Mechanized Infantry.

The reasons he has been in Hell aren't known, even to himself, but it is fairly certain he was sent there within weeks of Heimdall, and few other Ossyrians, sent in other blocks, around 65AF.

After the famous escape, Slice took several jobs, one of which was in 90AF, where he met a young soldier of the 32nd OMI, Flora Holland, which revived some parts of his mind, remembering that his beloved Ossyria was still alive after all it went through.


A friendly fighter, he usually gets well along with anyone who doesn't point a gun or a blade toward him. He's made friend pretty fast with Blue, with who he worked for several years in the Hell to make great beer for everyone.

Along with Heimdall, Storyteller deemed them trusty enough to be promoted as his closest allies and most reliable men, a choice he never complained about. Slice and Heimdall proved to be deadly soldiers with a good heart, things that Teller encouraged strongly.

Later, he met Earl James, the newcomer and his next leader. He quickly liked the guy, even if he was shy. He's had his fair share of battle too, and liked beer, which Slice liked in someone. Decades later he was still very loyal to Earl, going as far as to take command of the Hellhound at some moments.

Slice was the fatherly figure in the kids' lives, something that would come up again when he met Flora in 90AF, a girl for which he quickly stayed loyal, reminding him of many kids who were sent to war and came out of it with traumatic memories.

He quickly made friend with Nima, despite the age gap. She proved to be a trustworthy member of the Hellknights, as well as a reliable intelligence officer with deep knowledge of the Empire's systems. She's the first one with who he communicates everytime he's on a job, even if it brings some rather weird talks.