Skin Scorcher
Skin Scorcher



6 inches to 3 feet


  • Red-Orange-Yellow
  • Purple-Black-Blue


  • Poison
  • Claws
  • Stinger
  • Acid
  • Bite
A large species of hornets found on several planets. Their real homeworld is stated to be Trybio , but few are certains. Their size can vary from fist-sized to some hornets as big as a human torso. When they live in hives, they are agressive, but will rarely attack openly. However, when they do, they live up to their name. They use their first set of arms to rip flesh after spitting corrosive acid on their target. Afterward they sting them with a powerful poison.

When raised alone or in small group, they are very docile, they can even prove very intelligent and replace the common household animals.