Moscow. The Heart of the North. Our capital. The very embodiment of the Federation. One thing that describes the people here, is accepting. They never give up. They are free to do as they please and all are equal. Living in Moscow is living everything the Federation stands for. This is why it is our capital

Grigori Vladerov on Moscow.

The Heart of the North


16,733 kilometers (10,397.4 mi)

Length of Day

30 Hours

Length of Year

385 Days


1 atm





  • Democratic Republic (Before Great Northern War)
  • Democratic Socialist (Current)


  • Afanasi
  • Anastas


Moscow is a planet in the Northern Rim, and is the capital of the Northern Federation. It is commonly referred to the "Heart of the North" for the many accomplishments it has achieved in the Northern Rim and the things it has done for the people there. It is home to the Head of State, Head of Government, and House of the People, as well as all three branches of government in their system. It is occupied mostly by Humans, which account for approximately 85% of the population. The other 15% are made up of various alien races, predominantly Golek and Reevin.

Moscow, along with the rest of the Northern Rim, received the third wave of colonists from Earth. The founders of Moscow establsihed a democratic republic society, and was intended to hold the citizens of the former Russian Federation on Earth.


Moscow's environment is very similar to Earth's, with oceans as well as a large variety of terrestrial environments, though it is mostly boreal forest and arctic climates. Moscow also has several urban centers, the most prominent of which is New Petrograd, the planet's capital city, which is a giant metropolis where most of the urban population lives, though there are several other cities spread across the world as well as a few rural areas.


  • Moscow's War on Crime (23 AF)
  • Great Northern War (38 AF - 57 AF)
    • Battle of Moscow
    • Second Battle of Suvorov
    • Battle of Vorkuta
    • Battle of Stalingrad
  • Xeno-Federation War (73 AF - 89 AF)
    • Siege of Stalingrad
    • Battle of Alatyr
    • Siege of New Petrograd
    • Second Battle of Alatyr
    • Battle of Drezna
    • Vorkuta Crisis
    • Battle of Varash
  • Crackdown on Terror (79 AF)
  • Fall of Ossyria (87 AF)
  • Galactic War (91 AF - 95 AF)