Will tear through you, no matter what


Earl James


The Empire's engineers


  • Heavy Combat
  • Heavily modified
  • Prototype warmachine


  • Heavy CQC
  • Fast strike
  • Target annihilation


  • Claws
  • Jaws
  • Double-machine gun
  • Brute strenght
  • Arm-blades




  • Speed
  • Durability
  • Adaptability
  • Powerful engines
  • Earl James


Earl James




Earl James

Earl's mech, and mirror of himself. With a beast-like stance, a working and powerful set of jaws full of teeth and large claws on each hands and feet, it is probably one of the few HMVs who puts fear into the hearts of its enemies just by stepping into the battle.

A machine created with the single purpose of destroying everything standing in front of it and sustaining much more damages than any other mech, it lives up to the expectations. Its only limitations come from the low power of its only ranged weapon, a double-barreled machine gun under the left arm, a complete lack of stability generators, decent thrusters and the most basic targeting system designed by men. However his pilot, Earl James, has no problem with these flaws, as the HMV was rebuild to be solely used by him, and he does it to perfection.

The Madness, while having most stability generators removed, was granted larger engines in every limbs thanks to the spare space obtained. It also allowed it to gain twice the armor it already had, making him almost immune to conventionnal weapons and ballistic bullets. The larger engines allowed it to keep its first purpose, being as fast as possible on the battlefield. It was also granted claws instead of fingers, making it even more deadly. It received upgrades to the already existing armblades, from two to four, and able to fold back into the arm.

They removed much of things deemed useless by Earl, such as the back thrusters, but keeping some in the feet, missile pods and most ranged weaponry, only keeping a simple and light double-machine gun, which couldn't be used adequately because the targeting system was almost entirely removed. The engineers who rebuild the HMV added to it a large removable backpack, which contains a powerful set of thrusters, able to lift such an heavy and large HMV easily, as well a two pods of missiles above its shoulders, just in case the fight is harder than thought.

Earl brought him everywhere, and used it extensively during his days as a gladiatorial fighter. Though there had been next to no upgrades to Madness, beside a more powerful jaw, a fresh paint and a better machine-gun. Madness proved to be extremely durable, as most fights he was in, he came out with a working HMV and still usable, beside scrapped armor because of a large amount of hits and some stuck gears. His fight against Axel proved notable of such, as Madness sustained lots of damage from the cougar-like HMV.

Not to be confused with The Demented.