A Jhaedorpa inside it's Mi-Go bio-armour.

A species of alien gorilla analogues with a higher intellect. When it was discovered that the trees of their homeworld housed an extremely rare material, Monadonium, hundreds of different human companies and organizations descended on the planet, cutting down massive stretches of trees on the jungle world. The Jhaedorpa retaliated in a complex, highly coordinated guerilla war, ambushing logging and refining operations and tearing apart frontier outposts. In a few months time, it seemed as if they had won, with the vast majority of the humans vacating the planet as quickly as they could, but with the introduction of the Rambo HMV, things quickly went south for the species. Before long, the Jhaedorpa were driven to near extinction, the remains fleeing as stowaways on leaving freighters and merchant spacecraft. They eventually came upon the Mi-Go who offered to enable their vengeance against humanity, and provided them a swath of advanced technologies and weapons to use in the war.