Hydra League




Eastern Fringe

Time Active as Government

72 AF - Present

Government Type

  • Council(72AF - 91AF)
  • Military Dictatorship (91AF - Present)

Branches of Government



  • Fury Prior 91 AF Coup
  • Terra Connolley (92AF)



Official Language(s)

  • Galactic Standard

Background InfoEdit


The Hydra League was formed out of worlds that were opposed to the Empire's isolation and policy towards aliens that not only saw their extermination and enslavement as brutal, but also because it disrupted their profitable trade with them. Most of these worlds were not fully under Imperial jurisdiction given their distance from Homeworld allowing them to quickly turn were the Empire's authority was the weakest. Most of their worlds were former border worlds of the Empire on the Eastern Fringe with Brimstone as their main strong point against Imperial aggression which marked the borders between the two factions upon the League's creation.


From the beginning, the Hydra League consisted of a council from the various worlds who would decide on decisions and matters with the Three Heads, as they were known, being the main military leaders in charge of the various troops that the League provided.

By 91AF, however, Fury would be at the helm of all matters involving the Hydra League and its resources after a coup that saw the old council killed with very few opposing him out of fear as well as having the support of his new Reclaimer allies.

On Fury's death by late 91AF which saw the complete destruction of Brimstone, the League fractured into power struggles and effectively ceased to be a major threat to the Empire, but Terra Connolley would be able to reunite them and effectively become the sole leader of Hydra League space by war's end.

It should be noted, despite being allied with non-human species, much of the League consisted of humans until 91AF were those displaced races rallied under the banner the Reclaimers.


The Devils of Brimstone made up a prominent force of the Hydra League's military. Some of the best soldiers in the galaxy, they were responsible for holding off both Imperial assaults from both their standard military and the endless wave of mercenaries hired to do battle with the League on their homeworld. Master of fighting on their inhospitable homeworld, most of their enemies would fall before they could even catch a glimpse at their opponents.

With the Reclaimers, Scions would make up a considerable force of the Hydra League military in the early-war period, though their role became less prominent in large-scale conflicts after Factory as Brimstone and the League's leadership would be destroyed shortly afterwards.

In the post-war universe, improving mankind through any means has become standard within the Hydra League seen through the psychic bodyguards known as Amazons along with other modifications that turn volunteers into becoming hulking monsters capable of smashing bulkheads apart with their bear hands.