Hand of Fate
Gambler’s Pride


Haruka Yoshimitsu


Bukin Industries


CQC Combat


  • Rapid Offense
  • Agile Recovery


  • Excavation Claw
  • Vulcan Machine Guns




  • Strength
  • Dexterity

Hand of Fate is an H.M.V operated by Haruka Yoshimitsu, a member of Axel Erachin’s squad. It's original purpose as an excavation and digging unit was soon adapted for an up-close brawler style, perfect for Haruka's style.

Origins and HistoryEdit

Originally a Bukin Industries MELU J-19 (Mining, Excavation and Labor Unit) mecha, with a slow lumbering speed and extra armor for cave-ins and floods. A large order was delivered to Vegas to aid in the search for valuable resources. However, years of digging revealed that the planet had nothing worthy below the surface, and the entire mining operation was scrapped. When Black Star needed to equip rookie Haruka with an H.M.V., they took an abandoned MELU, and removed most of its functions. Stripping the mecha of all the extra armor and metal created a faster unit, and removing all tools and emergency supplies in favor of weapons, the mecha was given an offensive role. The mecha served in combat for a few years, until Yoshimitsu joined up with Axel's squad, in which it was eventually decommissioned and replaced with the superior mecha, the Lucky Strike.


The main weapon of the Hand of Fate is the reinforced dituranium polymer excavation claw. With an additional connection to heated fusion cores and plasma-based coolants, the bladed hand is capable of reaching extreme temperatures to deliver steel-melting swipes. Gyroscopes built into the elbow and wrist meant the claw can spin at a rapid velocity, shredding and reaching around quickly for surprise attacks The only ranged weapon for the mecha is a standard Vulcan-rapid firing assault cannon built into the other arm. Capable of shooting fast, the main purpose of the machine gun is to mostly spray lead and force enemies into positions for the claw's finisher.

Special Attributes and EquipmentEdit

The Hand of Fate's main ability was to take apart enemy H.M.V.'s with ease. It's quick, easy kills meant it could take out frontlines and end up-close battles. The powerful digging claw meant that nothing could stand its way, although the weight tended to upset the mecha's posture and balance. The Hand of Fate's specialty came in delivering flank maneuvers that resulted in taking out enemies with unblockable swipes from behind.