Armour solves all problems.

–Motto of the Ghost Brigade.

Ghost Brigade
Ghost Brigade
Let's Get Rollin'


Northern Federation


Northern Rim


  • Northern Rim
  • Northern Federation


Battle Tank Company



  • Assault
  • Front Lines Combat
  • Defensive Warfare
  • Fire Support
  • Anti-Vehicular Warfare


  • General-Polkovnik Anya Volkov
  • Polkovnik Sasha Jinovny
  • Captain Nikita Wevensky



The 44th Battle Tank Brigade, or more famously known as the Ghost Brigade, is a tank unit of the Northern Federation's famous Vehicular branch of their military. They are one of the most well-known tank units in the entire military, with a large number of battles under their belt, the majority of them being chalked up as victories. Exceptional at vehicular warfare while still filling the traditional roles of tank divisions, making them incredibly effective.


Upon the conclusion of the Great Northern War and the Northern Rim finally under one banner, the Vehicular branch was formed. the 44th Battle Tank Brigade was among the first units created.

Over time, they proved to be one of the most effective tank divisions in the Federate military, and they earned the nickname "Ghost Brigade", as any enemy unit they faced were nothing more than ghosts at the end of the battle. The members of the 44th accepted this nickname wholeheartedly, and eventually the unit was renamed to Ghost Brigade. It is now one of the most identifiable logos in the Northern Federation military and one of the most well-known units in the military.

The unit is made up of predominantly Grizzly Main Battle Tanks, but is also made up of Fire Ant Flame Tanks, Ocelot Stealth Tanks, and Arachnid Artillery Platforms. They are also supported by Chernobyl Assault Mechs and even have fifty Mammoth Super Heavy Tanks.

The Ghost Brigade is divided into several companies which are further divided into platoons all the way down to squadrons.



  • 1st Company "Shark"
  • 2nd Company "Barracuda"
  • 3rd Company "Stingray"
  • 4th Company "Orca"
  • 5th Company "King Crab"


Two steps from hell - Ghost Brigades

Two steps from hell - Ghost Brigades

The Theme of Ghost Brigade