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A relatively primitive species in comparison to many other species in the Mjolner galaxy, having only just perfected faster-than-light travel when the humans first made their entrance into the galaxy, they were largely ignored by the invaders, as they were no obstacle in humanity's goal of taking Homeworld and establishing it's presence in the galaxy. However, that changed when the Faenix were discovered to be extraordinarily long-lived. They were quickly rounded up, caged, researched, dissected and harvested in the search for longevity drugs and the search for immortality. However, a group of them had fled, seeking refuge in the outer reaches on the galaxy. Embittered and angry at the treatment of their kind, but having no real way of striking back against them. However, it was here they came across a being that the humans knew only as Howard. And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, they would return.