Alien creature by Tyrus88
Military Dharung, with an even more unusual set of arms




6' 6" to 8'

Skin color

Blue to Dark Grey

Species type


A rare species of tall blue aliens with a natural talent of computer engineering.

Ranging from 6' 6" to 8', they are some of the tallest sentient creatures encountered by the Empire, but a shy and peaceful one. Their homeworld is not too far from the Empire's borders, but they met with the humans on old colonies they had, which now belongs to the Empire. They sold their home off in exchange of alien technology, as they were curious of understanding how others evolved.

They are large blue aliens with large yellow eyes, with two long arms that could almost be used as legs. Their legs are about the same lenght, but rarely spread completly. Their fingers are extremely accurate, and they have perfected breathing and calm mind in order to do precise and delicate operations, giving them an unusual dexterity. They have also a powerful brain that allows them to perform easily multiple tasks on the same time, though as any creature, they still have flaws.

They also have some strange genetic disorders that is common in their people, and has since been passed as a caste differences instead of biological anomalies. Some of them are often born with a shorter set of arms on their already large arms, both connecting to the elbow, which allows them to do tasks some of their own coudln't do, and in rarer cases, they are born with four complete arms. These particular ones are often given military roles or medical issues, as they can perform well beyond their natural capacities. Their brains is naturally set to be able to use these extra arms flawlessly.

Notable membersEdit