Common female Derti





5' to 6'3"

Skin color

Pink to Red

Species type

Very humanoid

A relatively common alien race on the border of the Empire's space. They are rarely seen interfering in human politic, unless they feel threatened by it.

They are mostly known for their travelling traders and spaceship designers though some of them found good jobs as mercenaries. It also happens that some rich officials or representative of royal familly bought a Derti slave for his personal reasons. Sometimes the Derti sold itself to the person, which is outright banned by most Derti, who considers such an act of impure and reject anyone with such a life.

Physically they aren't much different from humans, which is quite weird to many who meet them for the first time. The main differences are their skin tone, which can go from dark red to pink, their eyes have human-like colors, but usually brighter. Each one has unique black markings on their back, neck, arms and legs, which are used to absord sunlight to help them keep their energy longer.

However their biology greatly differs from the humans. Their tongue can go up to a foot and can pierce through skin, their nails are hard enough to cut through flesh easily and they have an excellent night vision. They also reach adulthood few years earlier, keep healthy for 50 years, as well as not looking old, but they rarely go beyond 90, which is common to modern humans. They are also weaker than humans to physical hits, making their mercenaries mostly HMVs driver, using the armor as protection. They are also less durable than humans in term of physical activities, but can keep from drinking and eating for longer times without feeling weak for it, thanks to their natural marks absorbing energy.

A female Derti helped Earl James to escape The Hell.

Notable membersEdit