Varies; generally six to seven feet


Same as humans

General OverviewEdit

A humanoid species of canine who are excellent fodder for a storm of Star Fox jokes.


Though it varies dramatically, Canis are defined by their lupine features. Some are smaller than most humans and slight as mice while others tower at seven feet in height and are broader than some vehicles. In general Canis tend to be on the larger side, their inverted legs, lanky arms, and sharp claws giving them a surprising amount of speed and agility over many other races.


Canis history is full of in-fighting and strife. Given their immense breeding pace, tribes and clans have clashed with each other for centuries over territory and power. Alliances were made and broken time and time again as the original few clans quickly developed into literal hundreds. It wasn't until Fenric Greytooth, a famed and feared giant from the northern territories, gradually came into ultimate power through conquest and fear-mongering other clans into joining him. His one purpose was to bring the entire planet under his dominion, which inadvertently ended up uniting the Canis race as a whole centuries upon centuries ago. Since then the race has enjoyed relative peace though with some turbulence. Though the widely popularized tales of the horror, famine, and war of the distant past have ensured a begrudging co-operation in the future. 


Canis do not reside in huge metropolises and cities. At hear they are still clansmen, though there are really more than can be really counted. They live in the untamed forests, deserts, mountains, and jungles of their homeworld, keeping only loosely in contact with one another as they reside in forts of their own build and live their own lives. Intermarriage or common interests may bring several clans together in one area to create a small faction, though the bloody horror of their past wars and common trade with off-planet foreigners keep their minds progressive.

Hunting is a skill all Canis are learned and excellent in. Engineers, artists, and other important cultural and pragmatic skills are also as common as they are on human worlds (Given that their largest interaction has been with human explorers and scientists who study the largely unscathed planet the Canis call home) though certainly unbalanced by this natural means of attaining supplies. It is this that really lies at the heart of Canis culture: To be on the fringes of society and staking it out in the wild, tracking down a herd or perhaps a single piece of prey. For this they make excellent mercenaries off-world and hearty companions on expeditions, and it is this wander-lust that make Canis a fairly common sight across the galaxy.

Notable membersEdit