Alien creature by Tyrus88




  • Cook
  • Engineer
  • Medic


  • Claws
  • Strenght








The Centaur


The only Dharung alive in the Hell when Earl James arrived there.

A member of the Warriors, who later changed their name to the Hellknights, he was the medic, engineer and cook of the crew, as well as being a loyal member and a caring friend.

Despite his specie and jobs within the Hellknights, he shouldn't be taken lightly. Having trained with Monk a lot, and his natural instinct of knowing the nervous systems, he was turned into a deadly killing machine.

Blue never complained about xenophobia in the Warriors, despite his initial fears with humans. He quickly made himself an important and liked member of the Warriors, and never appeared alien to anyone. He was part of the familly like everyone else.


Blue was part of the Combat and Rescue Forces of Trybio when the Empire came to claim the lands. The Dharung as a whole never really understood the concept of possession that the Humans boasted, and thought that their survival could be dealed. They exchanged Trybio to the Empire in exchange of keeping small colonies on the planet and several objects of Human technology, as well as the possibility of working with Humans. The Empire concluded the deal and accepted, earning more than they hoped too. The Empire disliked the aliens, but they used their advanced medical knowledge to their own gain.

At this time, Blue was hired by the Homeworld's medical corps, serving on warcrafts and the like. After he saved an high-ranked member of the forces, he was given a promotion and sent to Homeworld, working for the nobles and riches. However at some point things turned badly. Some families competed against each others for rights and honors, and some murders were involved, all undercover. One of the victims was sent to the hospital and got under Blue's hand. They underestimated the Dharung's curiosity and he looked deeper into the body, finding hidden datas in him, who were actually trackers and keys to the wealth of the familly. Knowing too much of the conspiration, the familly used their connections to have him removed from the corps, sending him to the Hell.

While the Dharung were a secretive race, they were known well enough for their medical abilities, and soon the clans began to fight each other for Blue. Several men were killed in the skirmishes and at the end the Warriors saved Blue from death, as the Tattoos didn't want him to fall into the Warriors' hands. From then on, he had been a central member of the clan. One of the finest soldiers but also a caring friend.