Axel's Gang


  • Empire's Betrayal on Vegas (Rise 1)
  • Operation Wedding Crashers (Rise 2)
  • Assault on Factory (Rise 3)


  • Deity
  • Regal


  • Paladins
  • The Empire


  • Mercenaries
  • Commando
  • Elite team


  • Ragtag bunch of misfits
  • Adaptability
  • Unpredictability




  • Axel Erachin
  • Guildenstern
  • Karl Vladick


  • Earl James
  • The Hellknights
  • Karl Vladick
  • The Paladins
  • Sawyer Elkin
  • The Devils
  • Terra Connelley
  • Reclaimers


  • Rise 1
  • Haken's Heroes
  • Rise 2
  • Rise 3


Disbanded (92 AF)

A group of mercenaries more-or-less officially formed after being betrayed by the Empire and saved by the Paladin's leader, Karl Vladick. Originally they were mercenaries hired to work in two different squads; one under Ray Shishigami and the other under Axel Erachin. They were brought back a year later to do work for the Paladins, forming a stronger bond as a unit. By the end of the Rise series, Axel's gang had moved on from freelance, independent mercenaries to a survivalist group.

Major EventsEdit

Rise 1Edit

Infiltration on Congo

Battle of Gonair

Betrayal on Vegas

The Space Train Job

Rise 2Edit

Operation Wedding Crashers

Schism of the Paladins

Assault on Oasis

Rise 3Edit

Assault of Factory

Destruction of Brimstone

Battle of Homeworld

Original MembersEdit

Axel Erachin - Cowboy Leader (Magnum)

Haruka Yoshimitsu - Party Girl (Lucky Strike, Hand of Fate)

Yvonne Dafoe - Communist Warrior (Toil)

Clyde McConnelly - Badass Veteran (Da Mek)

Haken Wastia - Failed Poet (Guildenstern)

Guildenstern - Thinking Machine (Himself)

Kanade Orihara - Angry Princess (Muramasa)

Second GenerationEdit

Julius Valken - Fearless Reporter (Spectre)

Ghost Rider - Ghost Pilot (Ghostridden)

Aerion Freeman - Elf Pirate (Freeman's Way)

Third GenerationEdit

Alliana Mikalovich - Nutter Mechanic (The Lord of the Artichokes)

Roxanne Miller - Sassy Actress

Natasha Polyakov - Hating Russian

Temporary AlliesEdit

Steven "Superstar" Stampson

Earl James

Karl Vladick

Sawyer Elkin

Ray Shishigami

Former\Deceased MembersEdit

Terrance Jharves (First Generation)

Rex Ryoken (First Generation) (deceased, Rise 1)

Max Enkaria (First Generation) (deceased, Rise 1)

Lara Rymond (First Generation) (deceased, Rise 2)

Krystal Desmond (First Generation) (deceased, Rise 3)

Ivanna Sidorova (First Generation) (deceased, Rise 3)

Tara Bei Fong (Second Generation) (deceased, Rise 2)

Horton (Second Generation) (deceased, Rise 2)

Abraham Keyes (Second Generation) (deceased, Rise 3)

Ghost Rider (Second generation) (deceased (Rise 2, Rise 3)

Gyver Edged (Second Generation) (deceased, Rise 3)

Fred (Second Generation) (deceased, Rise 3)

Diana Kamari (Third Generation) (deceased, Rise 3)

Takeo Saisumi (Third Generation) (deceased, Rise 3)