3rd Karsol Expeditionary Armoured Brigade


Whatever the odds, we're going in.

–Motto of the 3rd Karsol Expeditionary Brigade

The 3rd Karsol Expeditionary Armoured Brigade was one of the many units part of the Karsian Military's expeditionary forces sent out to defend Imperial borders and engage Hydra League incursions into Karsian territory. They were mostly noted for their success as a


History Edit

The 3rd Karsol Expeditionary Armoured Brigade was formed in 82 AF and remained on-world for a long period of time until the arrival of the Goliath protoypes. Given the task of testing the vehicles, the 3rd KEAB set off to various worlds to test the strength of the tank and eventually they came back with it successful results and experience which proved invaluable.

They were the first unit to get their full complement of Goliath Tanks by the end of 85 AF and immediately were deployed to numerous combat zone near the Empire's borders as Karsol's contributions to waging the Empire's conquest. To ensure effectiveness, they were given all elements of army that operated on the ground for this task.

Fighting on the border, along with most other expeditionary units, the 3rd Karsol Expeditionary Armoured Brigade was noted for its excellent performance in most situation, though they were often called upon to provide long-range direct fire support for other elements thanks to their Goliath tanks.

Many Hydra League fortifications were smashed in the various conflicts, particularly during the Extraction of Seperis where an allied retreat turned into a counter-offensive thanks to elements of the 3rd being able to pin down and destroy enemy forces that were later diverted to engage the 3rd whose combined-arms allowed them to hold their position longer than anticipated. This allowed Karsian and Seperis forces to eventually defeat the Hydra League forces involved in the battle and keep their foothold which was within range of the primary landing zone of the League on Seperis. Eventually, with help of the 3rd, allied forces drove the Hydra League off.

Despite these victories, the unit would nearly meet their match during the Battle of Karsol and suffered seventy-five percent casualties against the Travesti when they held the line against the endless tide.

Their leader, Colonel Kropp Wolfgang would be pulled out of the unit due to extensive injury and the unit was almost dissolved after the war until the need for the expeditionary forces became apparent within the NEDA. Reinforcing and supplying the unit, the 3rd would once again be operational by 96AF.

During the period of 96AF up to the beginning of the War of the Alliance, the 3rd was deployed to defend NEDA members and engage various hostile faction to both the recently established Unified Worlds of Kars and the Act.